​Real Estate Market Outlook in 2018

01-02-2018 17:36:35

​Real Estate Market Outlook in 2018
The real estate market is already of interest before the new year is 2018. What factors will have a major impact on future real estate market conditions?

In this regard, the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA) introduced nine noteworthy prospects for market changes in 2018.

First, the real estate market is still on a recovery and growth cycle, but will continue to slow down from 2016. The outlook for 2017-2020 has a large adjustment to be solved. The current supply-demand biasing stage will help the market move steadily towards healthy growth. There will be a transition to real estate that can meet the real needs of the majority of middle and low-income urban residents.

Second, Ho Chi Minh City is studying the purpose of using about one third of the agricultural land funds for industrial land, service and urban areas in the construction of smart cities. This is the basis for developing the real estate market over the medium to long term.

Third, more than 93 million Vietnamese are in the proportion of the population. About 60% of them are under the age of 35 and have about 50 million Internet users. Internet users occupy 53% of the population (46.64% higher than the world average), and the time has come to open up the possibility of real estate business through the Internet network and utilize the information technology of the digital age.

Fourth, the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City now exceeds the administrative boundaries of the city, especially in the vicinity of Ho Chi Minh City.

Fifth, the flow of cooperation between enterprises will be inevitable, and in part, the impact of the resolution on the removal of bad debts will make M & A activities more robust than before.

Sixth, foreign investment inflows and remittances will continue to be important investment destinations in the economic and real estate markets in the near future.

Seventh, Fourth Technology Revolution, Internet Connectivity, Human Intelligence The trend of developing eco-friendly real estate projects that are environmentally friendly, safe, and usable is a new requirement for consumers, and it is a matter for investors to keep in mind.

Eighth, in the last two months of 2017, "bubble" real estate is difficult to happen in 2018 due to the Lunar New Year thanks to proper and effective national coordination interventions. On the other hand, companies will try to rebuild their investments and rebuild their products to meet market needs.

Secondary investors also have more people who are familiar with the market. In other words, by experiencing the crisis of the real estate market, they became smarter. A wiser country, a smarter investment, a smarter bank, and a smarter consumer.

Ninth, Ho Chi Minh City is focusing on the development of new urban infrastructures and systems such as highways, subway lines, trunk railways and high-end buses. This will create "opportunities" for companies to invest and develop in the real estate market over the medium to long term.